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The 10 Most Alluring Ponytail Hairstyles

Ponytail hairstyles are known to be practical, but they can also be sexy. Sweeping strands away from the face but letting lengths hang free gives a youthful yet polished effect. The style is easily adaptable for black hair, shorter, hair, or fine hair.


Today you can’t simply tie your hair back with an elastic band. Modern ponytails can be upgraded with a bouffant, hair wrap, braid, bangs, eye-catching hair pieces, etc. You can try different textures, play with extensions and alternate high and low ponytails.



Different elastic bands and hair clips damage the blood circulation in the scalp and destroy the structure of the hair. The consequence of such a contraction of the hair can be itching, dandruff and even migraines. And if the structure of the hair is damaged, they become thinned and brittle, which leads to their loss. But if it has become familiar and even necessary, the negative consequences from it can be avoided by using soft, rather than hard rubber (and certainly not clerical) to fix the hair.


It is also desirable not to tighten the hair too tightly. Weakening the gum will help to avoid discomfort. But you can, of course, listen to the advice of dermatologists, at least for a while to abandon the tight hairstyles and let the hair just be loose. Such a natural position will strengthen the health of hair and contribute to their better growth.


We’ve collected the most alluring of simple ponytail hairstyles. Check and find the one that you want to try this day!


#1. Bouffant Ponytail

This is an easy ponytail hairstyle to do. Gather your hair to the back of your hair, secure the ponytail with an elastic band. Then cover the teased section, brush your hair back to creating a bouffant. This is simple and give you an elegant look.

#2. High Ponytail

This high blonde ponytail of Beyonce is alluring. Wear the ponytail on the side of head. Sweet thing to create a big loose waves in the middle to the ends of hair.


#3. Segmented Ponytail

Maria Menounos’ hairstyle is so unique. This ponytail has a rope-like effect. It’s created by sections off the ponytail with individual elastics.


#4. Side Parted Ponytail

The classic, as seen on Jessica Alba, is the result of a section of hair being wrapped and pinned around a hair tie on the side part. So subtle, so chic.


#5. Sleek High Ponytail

When you are tired of wearing you hair down, just create it to high ponytail. We love Ariana Grande’s super straight and long high ponytail.

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