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TOP 20 Amazing Layered Hairstyles For Curly Hair 2018

Women with curly hair often think that there is a limited range of hairstyles for them to choose from. It is true that naturally curly hair often gives one limited styling options, but with the advent of different hair styling technologies that allow more flexibility even with curly hair, women with this kind of hair now have more freedom in how they want their manes styled.

1. Layered Super Long Bob On Kinky Curls

2. Long Even Layers On Texturized Curls

3. Drastic Layers On Beachy Waves

4. Layered Bob And Bangs On Kinky Curls

5. Uneven Layers On Tightly Coiled Hair

6. Shoulder Length Layers On Low Curls

7. Shaggy Layers And Curly Bangs

8. Messy Layers On Long Ginger Curls

9. “Barely There” Layers On Thick Curls

10. Stepped Layers On Bouncy Curls

11. Subtle Layered Bob On Kinky Curls

12. Long Sweeping Layers On Loose Curls

13. Short Layered Bob On Dented Curls

14. Ombre Layers On Low Curls

15. Shaggy Layers With Shaggy Bangs

16. Gradual Layers On Messy Waves

17. Long Layers On Long Curly Hair

18. Layered Long Bob On Frizzy Curls

19. Short Texturized Layers And Curls

20. Short Stacked Layers On Soft Curls


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