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long haircuts with bangs

15 Awesome Ways to Style Bangs

Bangs are the best way to give your hairstyle a serious upgrade without losing length. They’re also just a great look in general, but anyone who’s ever had bangs knows that coming up with new ways to style them can be pretty exhausting. Have no fear: These 15 ways to style bangs will provide ample inspiration for your next haircut and beyond.

Long, wispy bangs are super-versatile and look great parted in the middle or to the side.

haircuts with bangs

Style eyebrow-grazing bangs to one side and add a small bouffant for an instant retro vibe.

long hair with bangs

The French je ne sais quoi is never better exemplified than by short mussed-up bangs and long, tousled waves.
long hair bangs
Run a dab of pomade through long bangs to give them a piece-y look and keep them from straying into your eyes.
medium hair with bangs
Spritz a sea salt texturizing spray into your hands and comb through your bangs for a beachy effect.
medium hair with bangs
Create a deep side part and pull the lengths of your hair into a high ponytail to channel Audrey Hepburn’s chic vibe.
short hair with bangs
Breathe new life into long, grown-out front layers by parting them to one side and pinning behind the ear.

Heavier pieces at the sides give the look of super-thick bangs without obscuring your eyes.

If you’re considering long bangs but aren’t quite ready to make the leap, you can fake the look with a deep side part and a well-concealed bobby pin.
This rolled-up look is a super-cute way to style bangs that you’re trying to grow out.

Long bangs are a great way to spice up an otherwise simple, straight haircut.

Get insane volume at your roots by creating a diagonal side-part.

Piece-y bangs worn straight down give an edgy come-hither look.

If you have fine hair, give extra hold to wispy bangs by running some hairspray through with your fingers.

Part long bangs to one side, then twist the ends upward before pinning to get this cute look.

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