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22 Braided Prom Hair Everyone Should Steal From Celebrity

Braided hairstyles are among the most beautiful and attractive prom hairstyles available. They enhance the personality of a woman without much effort. It also does not have any special prerequisites and hence can be adorned by anyone. Your hair, short or long, thick or thin, braided hairstyle can be tried upon you and will definitely suit you.


Braided prom hairstyles can be inspired by combination of different creative hairstyles. Braids with ribbons along with it, a braided ponytail, glam hairstyle, black braid hairstyles, etc. are few of the fantastic hairstyles. What braid for prom do you like? Are you comfortable with it?


Braided prom hair is fun and easy to do. But you still need patience in order to create your own masterpiece, a well-managed and meticulously done braid. Adding some hair spray after would let the braided hair last all day.


Still undecided on which braided prom hairstyles will make your list this year? Sure we know – that’s why we’ve put together this list of perfect braided prom hairstyles to make your special night even more special.


#1. High Ponytail Braid

Fresh and sexy look with this high ponytail braid. Just go super high for a sexy updo’ that’s surprisingly easy.


#2. Cornrow Fishtail Side Braid

Stunning look for braided prom hairstyle: the cornrow fishtail side braid. Tight corn rows on one side of your head, then balanced by a soft, draped fishtail braid on the other side.


#3. Fishtail Braid Ponytail

You can show the sexy style with this fishtail braid ponytail. You need to keep the fishtail braid tight by initially putting your hair into a ponytail, then doing the fishtail braid.


#4. Side Swept Carousel Braid

This side swept carousel braid let you to show off your beautiful long hair. This style enhance your look for the prom.


#5. Braid-Wrapped High Bun

Do you want a bun for the special day? Wear this medium-thin braid wrapped around the base. This style will enhance your appearance for this occasion.

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