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Best Bridal Hair 2017 Ideas and Inspiration

A wedding is a big event in a girl’s life and she needs to be perfect for her special day. There are so many things which need to be care of when it comes to a wedding. Everything needs to be planned well in advance so that this days stays memorable in your life forever. From venue, menu, the guest list and gowns down to the hairdo and makeup, many decisions have to be made.

What can be more important for a future bride than the choice of a wedding dress? Only the choice of a wedding hairstyle! On the big day any bride wants to be beautiful, stylish, stunning and look so in the wedding photos.


If there’s one thing short, long, curly and straight hair all have in common, it’s that they all look crazy-good with a braid. Braids experienced a resurgence the last couple of years — and with tons of new ways to rethink the classic plait, they are officially here to stay!


Whether you’re looking for a classic three-strand style, a French or a fishtail, we rounded up our favorite bridal braids that are guaranteed to look perfect on your big day. Braids are unique, but totally timeless too. You won’t look back at your wedding day photos in 20 years and regret having a braid in your hair, no matter what style you choose.


For a modern take, loosen it up a bit: Stretch out ringlets into a soft wave, pancake your braids for added texture and embrace a few flyaways. This dreamy style is bound to make your wedding hashtag go viral. There’s much to love about this style: the undone texture, the messy bun, and the barely-there braids.


The braids of today are all about embracing your natural texture, allowing it to have a few flyaways and frizz to give it that cool factor.  Placing a few flowers in your hair for your wedding day isn’t a novel concept. But turning your hair into a flower shape? That’s seriously eye-catching–and way easier than it looks.


An idea of a wedding hairstyle as of something voluminous, lacquered and adorned with a wedding veil, is just a stereotype. If you are used to wearing a stylish short haircut, that doesn’t mean you’ll fail to fit into a standard image of a bride.


Wedding fashion tendencies change to a greater or lesser degree every year. Thus, contemporary short hairstyles amaze us with a plenty of interesting ideas.  Generally, modern wedding short hairstyles are pretty simple, without unnecessary excesses. The less styling products your hairdresser is going to use, the more fashionable you will look in the coming season. If your length affords to make an updo, it should be rather loose and natural-looking.


Short hair welcomes such focal points as stately hair accessories (tiaras, wedding headbands, combs, bobby pins, hair clips, etc.) They can match the color of your wedding gown or serve a contrasting detail.


Whether your style is romantic, polished, minimalist or retro, you’re sure to find a plethora of bridal inspiration for your lovely locks. Wedding hairstyles require just as much care and attention as your dress when it comes to the big day. But finding the perfect wedding hairstyle to really offset your white frock can be a challenge. Bridal hair should be soft and feminine, and true to your natural style.


Bridal hairstyles for short hair can also imitate long hairstyles, for example, if you have your bangs and front tresses styled backwards with the back of your head covered by a wedding veil or a compact floral composition. Short bob haircuts even offer a great opportunity to make breathtaking wedding updos which you’d never believe are made on the basis of such a critically short length!


The low messy updo will compliment your rustic bridal attire. Such a cute chignon hairdo can be accomplished with artificial or fresh flowers. This hairstyle for the wedding is especially suitable if you are having a barn wedding. Just don`t forget to use some bobby pins and light hair spray to hold those loose curls together.


There are a variety of hairstyles to choose from. Check out for something classic or modern and elegant.


#1. The Twisted & Pinned

The twist & pin is perfect chic updo that will have impressive for everyone. This hairstyle works just as well in curly hair. This wedding hairstyles enhance your look to be spectacular.

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