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Reviewed: The Old-Fashioned Product That Gives You Blowout-Worthy Waves

“Your hair is not easy to put up with.” This was what I was told by a frazzled, slightly panicked hairstylist last time I went to the salon. I was a bridesmaid in a family member’s wedding and a simple updo took an hour, 74 bobby pins, and half a …

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11 Gorgeous Beauty Looks for Holiday Party Season

hair makeup ideas

Can you believe it’s that time again? The season’s festivities are just getting started, and chances are your social calendar is already chock-full of holiday cocktail gatherings, office shindigs, family functions, and the like. But while party-hopping can be exhausting at times, consider this: It just means we have plenty more opportunities than …

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7 Ways to Wake Up Like a Boss

how to wake up yourself

When you stay up too late and feel like a zombie the whole next day, the struggle is beyond real. But from a basic ballet move to a quick and energizing skincare routine, these seven tips will help you wake up and feel fab all day. 1. Get moving. For …

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All the Proceeds From Kylie Jenner’s Newest Lip Kit Will Go to Charity

Kylie Jenner has just revealed her most beautiful lip kit yet — and it has nothing to do with the color. As the reality star and beauty mogul explained on social media this Thursday, her newest shade “Smile” was created in collaboration with Smile Train, an international nonprofit that provides …

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14 Tennis Ponytails That Have Ruled the Game, In Honor of the U.S. Open

Designers have made their fair share of recommendations for sporting a ponytailin the past few seasons, but with the U.S. Open kicking off, we can’t help but think that tennis’s top players may be our best resource. And why shouldn’t they be? These women wear their ponytails professionally, recognizing them …

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The Number 1 Acne-Fighting Ingredient May Be the Cause of Your Skin’s Irritation

Keeping acne at bay and avoiding a major last-minute flare-up as much as possible can be one of the most frustrating struggles you face on a daily basis — worse even than unknowingly strutting around with lipstick on your front teeth all day. Chances are, you’re stuck with a strict …

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This Easy Trick Can Cure Dry, Dull Skin While You’re Sleeping

Don’t let the fact that it’s practically sweet summertime fool you: dehydrated skin doesn’t simply dry up and flake off forever once temperatures start climbing. Everyone knows that cold, arid winter air sucks hydration from your pores and leaves you looking and feeling chalky, but few think that the battle …

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Kylie Jenner Drops an Insane Amount of Cash on a Casual Trip to Sephora

For Kylie Jenner, the 18-year-old who upgraded to a $6 million mansion, spending $1,185.38 on makeup is chump change, really. Kylie snapped a few products she purchased during her Sephora shopping spree yesterday and disclosed that she’s got a major thing for blush. Here’s a list of what Kylie added to her already …

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Rihanna, Kristen Stewart, and More Prove This Season’s Best Beauty Accessory Is a Behind-the-Ear Tuck

When it comes to modern beauty, unexpected and well-placed metallic piercings have become a cool girl mainstay. But for those unwilling to go under the needle, glitzy, architectural ear cuffs offer a fresh and noncommittal alternative—particularly when coupled with equally contemporary hair. Just ask Kristen Stewart: The actress elevated her …

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