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Your top source for haircut and hairstyles. Find the best style for your face shape. Browse our articles of hair trends, from bobs, short styles to color ideas and top wedding updos. Read reviews of the latest hair products also.

Pixie Haircuts for Beautiful Women

pixie haircuts for thick hair

If you are interested in getting your hair cut into a pixie haircut there are several considerations you need to take into account before actually going under the scissors and having it styled. Your hair is something that people can see about you from the outside and because of that, …

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Very Popular Curly Short Hairstyles

curly short hairstyles for fine hair

Curly hairstyles present a look that can go with any occasion. Many people with curly hair often desire straight hair and those with straight hairstyles envy curly tresses. Curly hairstyles can be worn by anyone and everyone. If you’ve got curly hair and it tends to frizz, use a heavy-weight …

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15 Hottest Ombre Colored Short Hairstyles

ombre color for short hair 2017

Latest most popular ombre hair styles for short hair.  The ombre hair and the short cuts are the hottest topics in this year! You can see the ombre hair everywhere now, but one thing you may noticed is that most of the ladies sport ombre hair are wearing long hair! …

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Bob Haircuts for Chic Ladies

A bob haircut has been around for years now with no matter how you style your own hair, the cut appears gorgeous. There are many lengths as well as sizes of this bob cut and you can style them within whichever way that suits your own face. Blunt, graduated, developed …

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Brown Short Hairstyles for Women

hairstyles brown and blonde

Short brown hairstyles are a good base for sweet, cute, sassy and creative looks. We’d like to offer you trendy haircut and hair style ideas for women to go for in 2017. We are convinced that the brightest hair trends first appear on Instagram. So, why not to peek at …

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Best Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50

short hairstyle for women over 50

Women at a certain age generally go with simple, out-of-fashion short haircuts. But you should know that you can look stylish and modern at any age. You should adopt a haircut that suits your hair type, face shape, and your age, of course. 1. Natural Grey Short Hairstyle 2. Pixie Haircut for …

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30+ Pretty Long Hairstyles for 2017

long hairstyles for 2017

There are many different long hairstyles for 2017 for those with long hair, whether it is crimpy, curly, or stick straight. Having long hair is great, because it is very versatile and can be styled into many different ways. All different hair colors look great when they are long, because …

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55 Medium Length Hairstyles – Most Fashionable Medium Hairstyles Unveiled!

medium length hairstyles for women trends

The year 2017 has seen some of the great hairstyle on women for the medium length hairstyles. Medium hair length is the best for working as well as non working women as it needs care but not that much. You can experiment with them endlessly and enjoy with different hairstyles …

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55 Best Short Hairstyles and Haircuts to Try Now

best short hairstyles for women 2017

Short hairstyles are not only elegant looking, but they are also easy to maintain. If you have been thinking of having a short hairstyle, here are some of the best ones that you should go for in the year 2017. So how the hell are you supposed to style it once you do? Here, …

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