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23 Super Cute Medium Haircuts and Hairstyles 2017

Having a cute hairstyle for medium length hair is awesome. It’s long enough to put up, yet short enough that you don’t need a ton of time to plan your hair routine for a night out. This kind of hair is most easy to maintain. Untamed tousled hairstyles always seem so irresistibly charming and effortless that you simply can’t turn down their overwhelming appeal. There’s something extremely sexy and free of any constraint in tousled ‘dos, whether it’s an updo style, boyish pixie with sticking out feathers or fun loose curls.


If your hair is short, a cute chaos can be easily organized with some wax or light pomade or mousse. Apply the product to wet hair and blow dry, pulling separate sections in different directions. Add a little bit more wax to the ends for a more distinct look.


Besides loose messy curls and chaotic straight tresses for longer hair you can experiment with a whole bunch of messy updos and downdos, including messy buns, knots, fishtails, half up and half down messy ‘dos, French twists and others.


Of course, short messy hairstyles are lovely too. Many of today’s layered cuts are actually shaped to look messy – that’s how popular this laid back trend has become. For women, layered hair that is shoulder length will look feminine without being a huge maintenance hassle. That is cute medium haircuts.


From sexy tousles to blunt styles, make yourself over with a wearable take on the classic short bob haircut. The best thing about having a medium length hair is that it comes with the good features of both hairstyles; short as well as long. Neither you need to bother yourself after their care nor do they look unfeminine.


You can create cool hairstyles on it without much effort. So, if you are thinking of getting a medium haircuts for women, we would definitely approve of your choice and to help you get ideas and inspirations we have created a post below. It features 23 cute medium haircuts that have variety and style in equal measure. Take a look and see for yourself.


Girls, young ladies and women of all ages love medium haircuts with bangs, and all for a very good reason. It’s a chic, playful choice for haircuts and can be styled in a myriad of different ways. Medium haircuts with bangs are wonderful for all sorts of textures and types of hair. No matter if you have thin and straight locks or thick and abundant curls, a medium haircut with some artfully sliced bangs can look amazing on you.


If you want a classy look you can rock every day, regardless of your environment, you can go for this shoulder-length haircut with side-swept bangs. Set your spirit free with these adorable boho front bangs, styled with medium wavy hair. This is the style for the bohemian at heart. Medium to long hair looks great with eyebrow-length bangs swept casually to the side. Like the first look on our list, it works for all occasions.


We have a compilation of some classic, casual, modern, funky, fun and flirty looks of medium hairstyles. So go on and pick your favorite of these cute medium haircuts on our medium hairstyles 2017 collection:


#1. Retro Bouffant

Look at this Lily Collins’ hairstyles. Her cute medium haircuts is so adorable. This bouffant style parted in the center and curled at ends. Bouffant is a type of hairstyle characterized by hair raised high on the head.


#2. Voluminous Waves

Mischa Barton’s hairstyle is so chic. How to do this look by yourself? Apply some mousse to your hair. Just create the volume at roots use a round brush. For ends, wrap around with a flat iron to create those subtle spirals. Be ready to get attention to your voluminous waves hair.


#3. Copper Curls

Fabulous! This style of hair a little wild, but also beautiful. The medium hair highlighted with copper curls. Do not forget to apply some mousse before you do the styling. This hairstyle brings you to attractive personality.


#4. Soft Ombre

Have you dye your hair with ombre color? This ombre of medium hair looks so beautiful. The colors are rich dark brown to soft caramel and they are match with her tan skin. Grab your flat iron to make this chic bouncy curls. Spray the hair to keep this bouncy longer.


#5. Medium Hair with Layers

Don’t worry for having a thin hair. You can create this medium length hairstyle to enhance your new look. Soft waves and face framing balayage highlights. You have to add an extra volume at your root area.


#6. Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

This is an asymmetrical long bob haircuts. The style is bright blonde from under a rich dark brunette. Colors and the haircuts give you a fresh look. Keep this style use a mousse.


#7. Wavy and Eye Skimming Bangs

Keira’s Knightley’s eye skimming bangs is eye catching for her brown hair color. The eye skimming bangs and wavy hair ends are framing her face beautifully. Grab your scissor and create your own gorgeous eye skimming bangs. And this is not same again.

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