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Hair Care Tips For Women In their Fabulous 40s and Beyond

Aging can be empowering; yet, it can still come with unwanted side effects. While gray hair is beautiful and a part of life, we all want to be sure that we’re maximizing hair health to the fullest, even as we begin to age. A healthy diet is essential for maintaining strong, luscious hair as we enter our 40’s and beyond.


Aging hair is prone to brittleness and weakness as elastin breaks down. Eating walnuts can help revitalize brittle hair. Walnuts contain essential oils that contribute to our hair’s elastin and Greek yogurt, a deliciously protein-packed snack, is linked to follicle health.


Hair loss, an unfortunate side effect of getting older affects over 40 percent of women. Talking to a doctor will help clue you in on special treatments formulated to help with balding or hair loss. Applying a protein treatment directly to hair can be just as helpful as consuming protein in our diet.


There is a reason why women in their 40’s and beyond start rocking shorter hair. It makes drier and more brittle hair much easier to maintain. Shorter hair also serves to frame the face in a much softer, more complementing way than longer locks.


Dry hair is only worsened by heat damage. Blow drying hair on the cool setting and limiting the use of hair tools like curling and flat irons will make a world of a difference on your hair. It’s best if you can take a month-long sabbatical from heat tools, but any amount of break like only on weekends will help give your hair time to play catch-up.


Root touch-up pens are perfect for those of us with aging, color-treated hair. Your salon most likely offers a root touch-up that will extend the life of your last color job and go easy on the damage it does to your hair and wallet.


As age comes with more brittle and dry hair, it’s especially noted when hair loses its pigment. Gray and white hair are more susceptible to these issues and the best option is to continuously moisturize hair. Try incorporating a deep conditioner into your weekly hair routine and see the difference instantly. Even if you dye your gray hair, it’s still prone to dryness, especially after a fresh coloring at the salon. Apply a deep conditioning mask and keep hair washing to a minimum, as it’s known that frequent washing can dry hair out even more.


Here are some hair care tips for womens contains with simple tricks to get shiny healthy hair, no matter what we put out hair through.


#1. Moisturize:

A deep conditioning treatment or “gloss” in a salon 3 to 4 times a year is your best bet. If you want to do this hair treatment by yourself, try an old favorite, Alberto VO 5 hot oil (no, I’m not kidding).

Sometimes you can use natural hair care moisturizer to make your own hair mask with natural ingredients such as avocado, aloe vera, yogurt, almond oil, honey, banana, coconut, milk. Hair mask your hair once a week. It helps keep your hair moisture.


#2. Clarify:

Clarifying shampoo is a “deep cleansing” shampoo. It will cleanse your hair of the usual oil and residue and will cut more stubborn gunk (this is a kind that you get when use styling products all the time).

Once a month use a clarifying shampoo. Aveda Detoxifier, or Neutrogena are great ones. It helps to reduce product and pollution buildup, and makes hair squeaky clean.


#3. Blow-dry Smart:

One of the best tips to make your hair shiny and smooth is to position the angle of your blow dryer just right.  You want the hot air going DOWN the hair shaft (from root to tip) Pay attention next time. I bet you blow dry from the ends up, creating frizz and diminishing shine. Also sectioning your hair, like the pros do, will give you a way better result. It may take longer and a little practice but that is why your hair looks so shiny when you leave the salon.


#4. Color:

Darker hair has more shine. Bleaching is the single quickest way to make your hair look dryer, and more damaged.  If you are a blond, try a slightly darker shade, with bright highlights around your face.


#5. Shampoo Less:

The more you wash, the more you dry out your scalp.  If your hair gets oily quickly, that’s the reason.  As you strip your scalp of the natural oils, your body will compensate by producing more.  My tip for how to get shiny hair at home is to get your shampooing routine down to twice a week at the most.  Start by skipping a day between shampoos, and just wetting your hair and scrubbing your scalp with water.  Read the back of your shampoo bottle and you will see the first ingredient is water, a great cleanser on its own without the stripping properties.

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