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21 Men’s Short Hairstyles 2017

What is so special about short hairstyle? Short hair is the most conventional and safe hairstyle for men’s. Short cut is more popular than long or medium ones. Almost all girls would like to date a guy with short and stylish hairdo. You can give your hair any shape according to your mood with a regular styling gel.


Men hairstyles may not be as complicated as women hairstyles but every man does want that unique and fresh look that only the best hairstyle can provide. Men’s hairstyles are simple and trendy. So how can you get the best hairstyle? First off, it is important. You can start to define your new look you are true to yourself; pick a hairstyle that goes with your personality, style and the shape of your face as well.


Men can choose from many hairstyles. Aside from those that has been famous for some time, some hairstyles will work better for others, for the reason that people have different shaped faces and lifestyle.


Then what is men’s hairstyle trends 2017? Check out these pictures for some of the men’s short hairstyles ideas :


#1. Simple Short Cut

This is very basic cut for guys of all ages. Simple short cut is suitable for most of men.


#2. Slicked Back & Short Sides

Slicking back your hair makes it look instantly more polished. Keep the sides short.


#3. Short Curls

Curly hair is not hard to tame with the right short cut. You can show off the natural curl.


#4. Tight & Hight

This hairstyle works well on most face shaped. Wearing this hairstyle are look good if you are wearing a suit or relaxing in jeans.


#5. Classic Crew

The classic crew is simplicity and style. Style it with pomade.


#6. Undercut

Undercut is one of the popular styles of men’s hair nowadays.


#7. Short Pompadour

A kind of vintage haircuts style. This haircuts will get attention when you wearing.

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