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28 Stunning Prom Hairstyles for Short Hair

Going to the prom is one of the most special moments in a young person’s life, and it is an event they will remember forever. Girls especially find this event important, partly due to the fact that they get to wear beautiful dresses, make up and look beautiful.


On prom night, you deserve to feel next-level gorgeous. Prom hairstyle are filled with glamour. Prom hairstyles are part of the many things that can make your prom preparation stressful along with your dress, jewelry and make up.


You could try an elegant french twist or a braid for a new interesting look. Longer hair can be worn with curls, waves, or sleek to create a varying hairstyles. Short hair can be stand up from the crowd by simply adding a few curls, flips, accessories, or splashes of color.


Here we have collected the stunning prom hairstyles for short hair:

#1. Faux Undercut

Stunning look for short hair. Create a tight cornrow braid on one side using all the hair below the part. Then secure the braid at the nape of your neck. You should be admired with this hairstyle.


#2. Side Twist

Simple and fun with this side twist hairstyle. You can create a twist for two small section on one side of hair. Also add with ‘sparkly’ hairclips.


#3. Twisted Mohawk

You don’t need a much effort with this simple twisted mohawk. You have to make a four ponytails down, twist each pony around the others, then hairspray the look in place. Totally simple.


#4. Short Platinum Undercut Style

This is awesome! It is so fancy and elegant way to enhance your trendy undercut look for the prom. The loose braid separates the long bang from the carefree long front and leads toward the cropped undercut section.

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