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10 Stunning Examples of Purple Hair

No matter where you are, you have hopefully been experiencing great weather after a long, frigid winter. One of the best things about finally getting back the sunshine and warmth is the colors that blossom in spring.


If you been feeling restless and gloomy for the last months, that is because you defy yourself of your creativity. Why not take a cure from the lovely upcoming season and dye your hair a bright color?


You can choose the purple hair color and let people stare at you as you passed them by! Isn’t that pretty amazing? Your friends will love the change, your boss will love the new color, and the people at the bar will love the change. If you go purple, you will definitely love the color and the attention.


Do you want gorgeous, vivid shade of purple for your highlights? We both know it can be difficult to make a decision, when it involves how you look after! The good news is that there are actually different shades of purple hair you can choose from that ranges from the subtle, almost unnoticeable shade to a shade that’s loud and proud.


Which one would you get? Below are some of our collections we hope to make your search more exciting…

#1. On The Edge of Purple

Show the fresh look with this purple edge on your hair.


#2. Greyish Purple

This look is fun and funky. The combination of the purple, dark brown, and grey are really adorable.

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