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24 Wonderful Rainbow Hair Color Ideas

Today, hair color trends have been changing at a rapid pace and you really need to scour many sources before you know which one is the color trend you would like to follow. One of the most common trends (though not a favorite of many people) has been the rainbow color which can be classified as an extreme hair color trend but which has stuck around for quite some time.

Rainbow hair color is the new favorite look for girls who love fashion and always want to do something new and unique with their style. Rainbow hair may become more inspiring and attractive hair color. Then the fashionary girls want impressive and craziest hairstyle that bring funky and jazzy look. Rainbow hair add color to your style and glamorized your look.

The colors of the rainbow and any color you like can be the inspiration for a rockin’ hairstyle and change in a lifestyle. You’ll fall in love with these amazing looks.

Watch this rainbow hair tutorial:

Try to find your own unique style with rainbow hair color ideas and be beautiful here:

#1. Wavy Rainbow

This rainbow hair color contain from 5 pastel color: soft pink, soft purple, light blue, light green, and yellow. Their color is so beautiful.


#2. Rainbow Chic

Have fun in style with rainbow hair color. Round eyeglasses is fun. It created a chic look of your style.



#3. Rainbow Glam

Are you ready for the party tonight? This rainbow hair color will splash your glamorous style.


#4. Funky Green

It doesn’t matter to dye your curly hair into this green rainbow hair color. It is so funky style that you worn.


#5. Silvery Rainbow

Silver hair with rainbow hair color is so genius! The colors blend perfectly.


#6. Tropical Rainbow

Tropical is colorful. So do with this tropical rainbow hair color. The color is colorful. So gorgeous.


#7. Hidden Rainbow

Ooops! Beautiful rainbow here, hidden by pastel pink hair color.


#8. Candy Pop Curls

This rainbow hair with the curls are like a candy. Sweet.

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