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rose gold hair

Surprise Your Friends with a Rose Gold Hair Tomorrow

Rose gold hair is coming to trend nowadays!

More than anything else in this world, I wish to be the owner of a rose gold hair right at this very second. This hair color could be quite a change, because if you have a dark hair now, then you go from dark brown to rose gold, it would be a heavy lift!


The lighter the hair, the more vibrant it feels. The rose gold is the latest hair color trend. Just when you think nothing could be cooler than a rose gold iPhone, a rose gold hair color is coming in strong.


The rose gold hair is the newest cool girl hair color to blow up all over Instagram and I can’t stop staring. Whether you want to dye your entire head of hair, play with streaks, coat your ends, or even do a two tone gradient, this color is pure rose gold.


This is one of the most compelling hair trends to hit social media nowadays. Simply by scrolling through your Instagram feed, you will see multiple shots of curly and wavy hairstyles in the rose gold color, which comes in various shades due to blending blonde with reds and pinks to create a shimmering shade that is lovely for the spring and summer months in particular.


Rose gold hair is a subtle style you may want to try this season.  Rose gold hair colors are an excellent choice for blondes that want to try something a little out of the box, without the commitment to a darker color that will be an extreme change, and won’t necessarily fade away nicely. If you are a brunette, it might require a wee bit more work, but you also have a lot of easier rose gold hair options!


One of the best things about rose gold hair colors is how well they blend with other colors, both of the hair and of the skin. Pink is a little cooler, while gold is a little warmer, so together the combination will suit most skin types. These colors also blend really well with other natural hair colors, like auburn, dark brown, and even ash.


If you’re already a blonde, you are super lucky! Any hair colorist worth their salt will be able to give you a gorgeous rose gold sheen, with little fuss or trouble. You won’t need any bleach, and with a box of Manic Panic you might even be able to achieve the effect on your own.

However, brunettes should be a bit more careful. Read the reviews of local hairstyling joints, and browse salon and hairdresser Instagram profiles, because rose gold hair requires bleaching. A bad bleaching experience can seriously damage your hair, and look awful to boot.


Rose Gold Hair Color Maintenance

To keep your rose gold hair bright and beautiful for longer, make sure to follow the following tips!

  • Use a color-safe shampoo that is sulfate free. It will do a better job of preserving your lovely rose gold hair color.
  • Avoid shampooing too often in the first place. Try going as many days as possible in between washes, and use a dry shampoo so that your hair does not get greasy.
  • Mask your hair regularly with a nourishing hair treatment or coconut oil, to keep your hair healthy and shiny.
  • Try and avoid heat styling tools that might damage your rose gold hair. If you must do heat styling, stick to gentler forms like blow-drying, and use a heat protecting spray.
  • If your hair required bleaching to turn rose gold, avoid chlorinated pools or wear a swimming cap.
  • Natural rose gold tones can richen dull blonde color, bringing out a glow in warm skin and a blush to paler complexions with yellow undertones.


If you’ve looked at what’s trending on your social media feeds lately, then you’re well aware that #RoseGoldHair is the It color of the season. And, if you’re like us, you’re swooning with jewelry-toned hair envy. With beauty bloggers, Instagram cool-girls, and Hollywood’s hottest celebs illustrating just how versatile this shade is for all skin tones, it’s no wonder why we want to get in on the season’s must-try trend and rock our very own set of shimmering rosy tresses.


After you leave the salon, it’s important to not wash your hair for at least two to three days. Once that time frame passes, try to keep washes to two to three times a week in order to aid the longevity of your look. In order to keep your hair looking fresh on this washing regimen, simply stock your vanity with your favorite dry shampoo for much-needed lift and oil absorption in-between-washes.


Looking to go for this trend yourself? We recommend getting it done from a professional instead of DIY. Full exclosure – I bought a dye kit to try it myself, spent hours brushing it on my hair, letting it sit in the cap, and washing it out for a final look that looked different from my normally blonde hair for only one day. The professionals do a much better, and longer-lasting job, trust me!


#1. Hot Rose Gold Hair

This is one of the more lively rose gold hairstyles in this list, falling on the rose side of the style than gold. The long, natural hair in this overall look is stunning.

rose gold hair


#2. Pixie and Rose Gold

The cooler take on rose gold air is perfect for those who have cool undertones to their skin. If your hair naturally leans towards ashiness, a purple-ish pink will hold much better.

rose gold hair


#3. Stunning Rose Gold Hair

This rose gold hairstyle has all of the merits of the throwback mermaid hair trend. As an overall look with the curly waves, it’s so stunning.

rose gold hair


#4. Beautiful Rose Gold

Purple and pink on your brown hair is brilliant. It will blend beautifully with your natural hair color!

rose gold hair color at home


#5. Pink and Brown

This hairstyle is so beautiful. About the color, you can show off with this pink balayage done on brown hair.

rose gold hair color at home


#6. Brunette and Rose Gold Balayage

If you’re one of those ladies who loves her wine, you know how pretty a bottle of rose looks. This balayage style takes inspiration from that. The dark burgundy highlighted with soft pink shade.

rose gold hair color at home


#7. Chic Peach Rose Gold

This colors are peaches and warm gold for rose gold hair. This is very flattering on people who have warm undertones to their skin.

rose gold hair color at home


#8. Rose Gold Highlights

This color and haircut is very versatile. This color is a natural rose gold-toned mix with a neutral light brown. To extend the life of this creative color, you have to cool washes, dry shampoo, and a color-safe shampoo and conditioner.

rose gold hair color at home


#9. Rose Gold Waves

This color looks great on any skin tone. This rose gold is perfect look for anyone that wanting to experiment with their blonde locks and try the latest on trend color. Also, this rose gold color is best achieved if you have blond to medium brown hair.

rose gold hair color trend 2017


#10. Beautiful Rose Gold

This beautiful rose gold hair contains of different color tones throughout the hair. The colors give a live move on your hair. Keep this color lasting as long as possible with appropriate shampoo and conditioner.

rose gold hair color trend 2017


#11. Blush Rose Gold

A rose gold balayage that really lovable. It can break up a dimensional blonde, and add depth to a lighter brunette with a touch of femininity. This color is so gorgeous to wear.

rose gold hair color trend 2017


#12. Platinum Rose Gold

This hair looks so natural. You can see this like this rose gold grew out of her scalp.

rose gold hair color trend 2017


#13. Pink and Rose Gold Balayage Hair

This rose gold with pink tones suit most people and fade really well for anyone who is noncommittal. Balayage hair color is wonderful for people who don’t want to come in to the salon regularly and are wanting an easy grow out.


#14. Chocolate Rose Gold

This color is more of natural rose gold. It’s chocolate rose gold balayage hair color. The balayage hair will give you a low maintenance.

rose gold hair 2017


#15. Gorgeous Rose Gold

When you love a specific hair color but don’t want to worry about people thinking you’re trying to a fake a natural color, you can try this classic redhead rose gold hair. This is a deep, yet bright red that perfect shade to dye your hair.

rose gold hair 2017


#16. Chic Rose Gold Hair

This style and color is easy to transition between an everyday outfit and an evening wear ensemble. This rose gold hair style is much more elegant. You can create the curls to enhance your rose gold hair.

rose gold hair 2017


#17. Midnight, Rose gold, and Pink Balayage

Enjoy your style with a touch of mysteriousness into an otherwise fruity and fun balayage, through dark midnight blue roots.

latest hairstyles for color in 2017


#18. Short Rose and Gold

Create a new style with rose and gold. This color should never be flat and your eyes should never be drawn to one thing. This color works best for olive, neutral and fair skin tones.

latest hairstyles for color in 2017


#19. Red Rose Color Melt

Lovely red-rose gold color melt. The tones have a nice pigment of peach and blush pink.

latest hairstyles for color in 2017


#20. Brown Rose Gold Strands

Brown hair is a beautiful mix with rose gold strands. This hairstyle is suitable for any one that want to get new fresh look for their hair.

rose gold hair


Do  you love to do an experiment to your hair? Do you want dye a rose gold hair color at home? Get inspiration from here:


Update your hair with the latest rose gold hair and be ready to be AWESOME!

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