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summer hairstyles for women

20 Best Summer Hairstyles for Women

Are you looking for summer hairstyles for women?

Stay cool and work on your strands this summers. We may have a fabulously hairstyle for those that weren’t frequently washed. The sweltering conditions outside can be a major obstacle to achieving good hair.


From the inevitability of sweaty bangs to humidity induced frizz fest, there’s no doubt the weather is working against you. Think outside the top knot. Have you had thought of an easy hairstyle that will carry you through every possible outdoor barbecue, beach jaunt, and humid summer that will be thrown on your way?


Do you need an instant hair upgrade? You can simply pin the front layers of your beachy waves back. Spend more time enjoying the warm weather and not styling your hair. Or amp your hair game with these summer looks that are perfect for the pool, a date, and everything in between. Heat and humidity are no match for these breezy styles. Well, if you have 5 minutes, you can tie a ponytail in a breeze. Do this.


Here, the trendiest looks of summer hairstyles that you can copy all season long!


#1. Make Waves

Beautiful summer hairstyles for your long hair, just create the undone beach waves on hair. Because smooth and polished waves aren’t happening in this kind of heat.

easy summer hairstyles for medium hair


#2. Teased Tail

Nice style for getting hair off the back of your unavoidably sweaty neck. It’s super easy and that’s key for carefree summer days.

easy summer hairstyles


#3. Round it Out

If you consider bowl cuts, you can pay attention to a shaggier texture that rises above the ears and remains short at the neckline for this summer hairstyle.

easy summer hairstyles


#4. Deep Side Part and Waves

Super soft and sexy for medium length hair. You can create a slightly slanted side part and use a texturizing balm to slick back the hair on one side to create a dramatic effect.

summer hairstyles for medium hair


#5. Twisted French Braid

Being chic with this hairstyle. Tease the top section of your hair back toward the crown of your head and separate into three sections. Begin braiding hair, gathering more hair as you go and leaving a few pieces loose so you can twist them around the braid.

summer hairstyles for medium hair


#6. Textured Modern Bangs

Casual fringe is chunky yet wispy and to keep your looking its best, make sure to control the oil transferring between your face and hair. You can use a dry shampoo for quick touch-ups so your bangs look perfectly messy.

summer hairstyles for medium long hair


#7. Accent Braiding

Braids will help your look on the fly. This outer french braid is perfect way to keep unwanted strands out of the face on hot, sticky days.

summer hairstyles for long hair


#8. The Ballerina Bun

Prevent the heat weather by styling your hair with a low bun. A low bun looks cool and polished no matter how hot the weather gets.

summer hairstyles for medium hair


#9. Loose Bob

Enhance your bob haircuts with the curls. Just wrap random pieces of hair around a curling iron starting at your cheek level and making sure you alternate the wrap-direction with each piece. Finish by flipping your hair upside down and shaking hair to break up curls.

summer hairstyles idea


#10. Tousled Chic

Considering a beachy waves to your hair, because it always a fresh and easy way to deal with heat. Don’t forget to spray a salt hairspray to keep this look longer.

summer hairstyles idea


#11. Side Fishtail Braid

Style your summer hairstyle with this side fishtail braid. Tease hair at the crown for volume, brush hair back, and fishtail-braid it over one shoulder.

summer hairstyles idea


#12. Princess Pony

Create your classic pony to royal status by setting it semi-loosely at mid-height. For instant polish, pull out a wide section of hair and wrap around the base of the pony. Then secure with bobby pins to hide your elastic hair.

best summer haircuts


#13. New Pixie

This bang heavy pixie cut is great for those ready to commit to an all-about-your-face look.

best summer haircuts


#14. Textured Half-Up

Texture hair really goes well with summer’s bright earrings and breathers new life into a boring style. You can tease roots with a large-toothed comb, spritz with a heat-protecting spray, then curl small sections with curling iron.

best summer haircuts


#15. The Warparound Pony

Create a deep side part, then pull hair into a ponytail over the opposite shoulder for a balanced look. An option for your summer hairstyle.

summer hairstyles for women in 2017


#16. Soft Pony

When the weather’s hot this summer, put down the tools and work with your natural hair texture. Pull wavy hair into a high ponytail – and don’t worry about slicking down the sides. The extra movement makes this look more relaxed. Beautiful style to defend the hot weather.

summer hairstyles for women in 2017


#17. Side Braid

This boho take on the braid is cute without looking too precious. This sweeping side braid looks carefree. This hairstyle will save you from the trouble of hot weather.

summer hairstyles for women in 2017


#18. Braided Bangs

Your fave childhood hairstyle is officially back in style for this summer. For all the throwback vibes, part your hair down the middle and wave a tiny braid into each side of your part.

summer hairstyles for women


#19. Fishtail Halo Braid

Enhance your style for this summer with this fishtail braid hair. Take the tail and wrap around your head and pin on the other side.

summer hairstyles for women


#20. Summer Hairstyles for Women – Sleek Cornrows

If you still love the sleek hair. Update your style with this sleek cornrows hairstyle for this summer.

summer hairstyles for women

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