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Trendiest Short Hairstyles for Black Women 2018

Who doesn’t adore the pixie cut? This is definitely a favourite among the list of hairstyles for black women. It gives you the freedom to be versatile whether on make-up or your accessories. The pixie cut is a short hairstyle which is trimmed short at the back and on the sides and a little longer in front. It was made famous by Audrey Hepburn and is now the classic hair-do of famous celebrities like Jennifer Hudson, Lupita Nyong ‘O, and Halle Berry. Wear it side-parted or go wild with a brush-up.

If you want to go on the safer side of hairstyles for black women, a bob cut can do wonders for you. This cut is a natural hairstyle wherein your hair is trimmed straight around your head levelling with your jaw and is typically loved with bangs or curls. This style is also friendly to women with face shape of oval, heart, and square.

Bold is the word to describe hairstyles for black women. Black women are confident, daring, and always making a statement that’s why getting a super short hairstyle is definitely a hot thing. You can try pulling off a cropped afro like Solange for the best look. This is the best style for you if you are too busy and don’t have time to fix up your hair. Superb with little effort – that is what describes this fab hairstyle.

1. Short Hairstyle for Black Women

hairstyles for black women

2. Short Curly Pixie

cute short hairstyles for black women

3. Hair Waves for Black Women

cute black hairstyles

4. Short Curly Pixie Cut

women black hairstyles

5. Box Braids Hairstyle

cute haircuts for women

6. Super Short Hair

cute ponytail hairstyles

7. Mohawk Style

cute short black hairstyles

8. Bob Black Hair

cute short hairstyles for black girls

9. Curly Pixie Hair

black wedding hairstyles

10. Short Curls

black women hairstyle

11. Short Cut with Shaved Sides

black updo hairstyles

12. Pixie Hair

black short cut styles

13. Short Hairstyle

black short curly hairstyles

14. Super Short Cut

black hairstyles for black women

15. Trendy Style

black hairstyles for black women

16. Super Short Hair

black hairstyles for black women

17. Short Cut

black hair bobs

18. Short Hair with Bangs

black braided hairstyles

19. Rose Gold Hair

black bob hairstyles with weave

20. Mohawk Style

black bob hairstyles

21. Purple Pixie Cut

black bob hairstyles

22. Platinum Blonde Hair

black bob

23. Afro Hairstyle

best black haircuts

24. Mohawk Cut

beautiful black hairstyles

25. Cute Mohawk Hairstyle

african women hairstyles

26. Gorgeous Curls

african hairstyles

27. Black Curly Hair

african haircuts

28. Blonde Hair

african haircut for ladies

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