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The Best 32 Undercut Hairstyle Men 2017

The first few month of the year gave rise to a new haircut for men: the undercut hairstyle. The undercut hairstyle feels as cool as it looks which is perfect for the heat of summer. Ask your barber to trim the side more than the length on top to achieve this look. Remember, avoiding cutting the hair too short in areas where you have a cowlick.


Don’t you feel that the undercut hairstyle will keep you cool all summer? Yeah, this cut eliminates all the length on top, leaving you the option of giving the top a messy, spiky, or slick style. There are celebrities that showing off this hairstyle include Brad Pitt, Bruno Mars, David Beckham, Johnny Depp, and Adam Levine.


How to style with the undercut hairstyle? For those with thin hair, simply brush it back with a blow dryer and a small-tooth comb. For those with ticker hair, you can use a flat iron and pomade to smooth it down.


There are many variations of undercut hairstyle that you can go with it: you can go with the fade, choppy side part and any other style that you find ideal for you. Before you decide to choose the right undercut hairstyle, you might to consider about your face shape and the hair texture and type. Also your profession and lifestyle too. Remember one thing: choose a style that you happy, comfortable with, and feel so cool!


Here are, we’ve gathered the undercut hairstyle man that might enhance your look so cool!


#1. Undercut Hairstyle for Medium Length Hair

This hairstyle is really great for guys who have medium length hair. You can create the neat look with apply a strong hold matte finish pomade to damp hair and simply comb into place.

#2. Undercut Hairstyle with Two Ways to Style

How versatile this men’s undercut can be when it comes to styling. This is one haircut styled in two very different ways.


#3. Curly Undercut Hairstyle

Guys with a curly textured hair are really hot men. Actually with a beard. To get the best look, you can have a high skin fade that creates sharp contrast with the thick curly hair. Use a medium hold pomade to give your curls extra bounce and life. Women will love this.


#4. Short Undercut

This haircut styled into a classic comb over. This hairstyle really great option for guys to have a good looking.


#5. Spiky Messy Undercut Hairstyle

This undercut hairstyle has a longer textured hair on top. It gives a spiky messy look and is styled back to front into a crop hairstyle with longer fringe.


#6. Hard Part Pompadour Undercut

This undercut hairstyle with a hard part. There is a longer hair on top that blown dry to give some nice natural looking flow.

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