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The Best 32 Undercut Hairstyle Men 2017

#7. Long Fringe Undercut

This is totally different way to style an undercut hairstyle. The sides are short but not shaved down to the skin. The fringe is kept longer which hangs down in front. This hairstyle is for guys who want a more natural looking style.

#8. Under-Hawk Style

This undercut hairstyle has a very high fade and hard part. They give a mohawk effect for this undercut.


#9. High Skin Fade Undercut Hairstyle

This is fade undercut. The fade is taken very high up to the forehead hair line. The medium length hair is styled back into place. This is really nice for guys. A blow dryer can create a natural flow look.


#10. Slicked Back Undercut

The undercut not shaved to skin. But, this is really hot guys with a slicked back undercut hairstyle and the beard.


#11. Cool Pompadour Undercut Hairstyle

The really cool modern undercut hairstyle. This undercut is very long in the back and cut into V-shape. You can keep this style by simply blow the hair dry and use a light hold pomade.


#12. Two Style of One Undercut Hairstyle

Yes, the undercut hairstyle can styled to two different ways. One haircut that can be styled all business or all party. This is so versatile of undercut hairstyle.

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